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BIG CBS SPARK Punjabi emerges No.1 among Punjabi males according to TAM reports 
Channel targeted at the markets of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh
According to the TAM reports of week 3, 2012 (TAM India:CS4+ Males, Punjab 1 Mn+) BIG CBSSpark Punjabi, has acquired the top position amongst competing channels with shows such as Jerry Springer (Jerry Di Adaalat), Hawaii Five-O (Veer Hawaii De), America’s Next Top Model (Amreeka Di Next Top Model), Masked Warriors – an international wrestling format (Zabardast Kushti), amongst others, all dubbed in Punjabi.
The channel, which also features a judicious mix of Punjabi music, international dubbed movies and local programming in Punjabi, has resonated well with this specific audience. BIG CBS Spark Punjabi, whichis a category creator from the Reliance Broadcast Network Limited and CBS Studios International JV is positioned as the first International Punjabi Channel
Targeting the 15+ audience, the channel features the best of CBS …
Edwin to rock at the Sizzler Festival at Toy Hotel this weekend “Music is my passion and I love playing for audiences,” stated Edwin, who was ‘in music right from his birth’ as he puts it. ”In Goa, my grandmother, my mother and most of my relatives were into music and the atmosphere at home was always lively and full of fun. I started playing in my uncle’s band, Imaginations, in early 1990. They used to call me Bryan Adams, because I had a very powerful and husky voice at that time!” “I was indeed very fortunate because while my mother, Aida D’costa, was musical-minded, my father insisted that I get all round development and pushed me into joining the Army as a musician in 1996. I was a soldier in the Karnataka Bligam base camp and was part of the band Yash. As part of my overall development, I then went to the Middle East and joined the catering business. After my parents and I were fully satisfied that I could face up to the challenges of life, I returned full time to my passion - mus…
BIG CBS launches its first regional channel – Spark Punjabi

BIG CBS JV, the No. 1 English Entertainment Network in the country, today announced its regional television foray and the launch of its first regional channel in India - Spark Punjabi. The channel is available across Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh (PHCHP) region. BIG CBS JV has already successfully connected with audiences through it 3 English Entertainment Channels - BIG CBS PRIME, BIG CBS LOVE and BIG CBS SPARK. Spark Punjabi,positioned as the first International Punjabi Channel,is targetting the 15+ audience, and features the best of US’s No. 1 television broadcaster CBS Studios International’s content, all dubbed in Punjabi, giving local audiences immediate access to international entertainment.
The new channelis airing the latest seasons of international shows such as Jerry Springer, HawaiiFive-O, America’s Next Top Model and Masked Warriors, amongst others, all dubbed in Punjabi. The channel also featu…